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Family Legal Care creates tools and resources to help you understand your rights and more easily navigate complex New York Family Law topics.

Legal Resources for Families

Resources for people without representation in New York State Family Court are limited. That’s why we created Legal Resource Guides, easy-to-access court forms, and the Family Law Navigator to help you understand and better navigate your case and the court system.

Legal Resource Guides

Our step-by-step guides cover over 60 family law topics in nine languages and are available on our website and in many of the courthouses.

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Family Law Navigator

This online tool allows you to answer a few short questions to get legal information and additional resources tailored for your situation.

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Court Forms

We’ve created this page to provide you easy access to the right forms and guidance on how to fill them out.

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Have a question about Family Legal Care? Visit our FAQs page to learn more about our resources, programs, and services.

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Webinars on New York Family Law

We deliver webinars on New York Family Law topics to provide legal information on New York State Family Court.

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