Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of cases can Family Legal Care help with?

Child support, custody and visitation, paternity/parentage,  guardianship, and domestic violence in New York State Family Court.

Can Family Legal Care provide me with a lawyer?

Family Legal Care attorneys do not represent clients in court. Instead, we help you to self-advocate in court through one-on-one legal advice consultations, guidance, and resources.

How much do your services cost?

Our services are free, regardless of your income.

Can Family Legal Care give a presentation to my organization?

Family Legal Care attorneys regularly offer workshops, presentations, and webinars for local non-profit organizations. Common topics include family court processes and procedures, child support, custody and visitation, paternity/parentage, guardianship, and orders of protection.

Do you have income eligibility requirements for your services?

No. There is no income eligibility requirement for our services.

Can you help with divorce?

 No. Family Legal Care does not help with divorce matters. In New York, divorce cases are heard in the Supreme Court.

My case is outside of New York. Can you still help me?

No. Family Legal Care can only assist with cases in New York State.

Do I have to live in New York to receive help?

 No. If your Family Court case is happening in New York State, but you live out of state, you can still receive help.

Do I need a lawyer to go to Family Court?

No. You do not need a lawyer to go to Family Court. If you do not have a lawyer, you can call our Helpline to get information and support.

Is Family Legal Care part of the court system?

No. Family Legal Care is an independent non-profit organization. We are here to help people who do not have attorneys navigate New York Family Court.

How do I find out more about Family Legal Care’s programs?

 Call our Helpline at 212-343-1122 or click here for legal resources.

English is not my primary language. Can I still get help?

Yes. Family Legal Care operates a Bilingual English and Spanish Helpline and offers translation services in 76 languages. Our library of Legal Resource Guides is also available in nine different languages.

Can I volunteer with Family Legal Care?

You can join our growing network of lawyers who give back by partnering with us through pro bono work. To learn more about ways to get involved, contact our Director of Pro Bono Programs, Sami Ingram, at SIngram@familylegalcare.org.