System Reform and Advocacy

Advocating for a better Family Court system for all New Yorkers

The need for reform of New York State’s Family Court system is widely recognized. Advocacy has always been an integral part of Family Legal Care’s work, but we are now investing in advocacy more deeply than ever. We are out in the community, testifying at hearings and panels, teaching classes on family law, and advocating on behalf of our clients throughout the city and across the state.

Amplifying the voices of unrepresented litigants

Family Legal Care is the only organization in New York Family Court that works exclusively with unrepresented (pro se) litigants—giving us a unique perspective on issues in need of reform to create a more equitable system. We advocate for the interests of parents and caregivers without an attorney through our participation in numerous committees at the city and state levels and by working with our partners and allies to press for policy change and reform initiatives.

Our Lawyers Council

This dynamic group of attorneys provide strategic guidance and feedback on Family Legal Care’s pro bono program and policy initiatives, while serving as powerful ambassadors on issues of family court at their firms and companies.

City and State Committees

Family Legal Care participates in numerous committees at the city and state levels, with a primary aim of engaging in policy changes and reform initiatives. We are the only organization in Family Court that works exclusively with pro se litigants. By working closely with the courts, we are well-positioned to advocate for access and equity from within.

City and State Committees Family Legal Care Participates In:

  • Advocates Against Domestic Violence
  • Borough Based Agency Heads Meeting
  • Child Support COVID 19 Task Force
  • CVO Covid-19 Task Force for the NYC Family Courts
  • Cyber Sexual Abuse Task Force
  • Family Justice Center working groups
  • Human Services Council – Priority and Strategy Council, Advisory Body
  • Lawyers’ Committee Against Domestic Violence (LCADV)
  • NYC Bar Council on Children
  • NYC Bar Family Court & Family Law Committee
  • NYC Bar Pro Bono & Legal Services Committee
  • NYC Bar Working Group on Abusive Partner Intervention Programs
  • NYC Veterans Law Technical Assistance Initiative
  • NYS Bar Committee on Families and the Law
  • Office of Child Support Services Community Partners Group
  • Public Interest Pro Bono Association (PIPBA)
  • Queens Library Immediate Access Program Advisory Board
  • Veterans Law Working Group