Our Helpline

Accessible by phone, email, and chat, our English and Spanish bilingual Helpline provides family law information, referrals, and appointments with our staff attorneys for in-depth case support.

A real human is here to listen.

Our Helpline is often the first point of contact for parents and caregivers who need support navigating New York Family Court.

The need has never been greater.

In a typical year, Family Legal Care’s Helpline responds to approximately 15,000 requests. But throughout the pandemic, the demand for our Helpline skyrocketed to 24,000 people seeking our guidance and support. This reflects the extraordinary level of need, and the significant increase in referrals from the Family Court itself as they scaled down services due to the pandemic.

Questions about your legal rights in New York Family Court?

Call our Helpline at 212-343-1122