Audio Recordings: Legal Resource Guides

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These presentations are only legal information. It is not advice about your personal situation. Every case is different. Call Family Legal Care's Helpline at 212-343-1122 or speak with an experienced family lawyer for information and guidance on your case.

Serving Court Papers

This guide explains the process to serve court papers in Family Court.

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Child Support Basics

This guide answers questions that a non-custodial parent might have about child support. All of the information is helpful for custodial and non-custodial parents.

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Custody and Visitation Basics

This guide answers questions that parents and caregivers may have about custody and visitation.

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Orders of Protection

This guide answers questions that someone may have if an order of protection has been filed against the person in Criminal Court or Family Court. The information is helpful for both people who have an order of protection against them, and people who are protected by the order.

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Parentage & Paternity

This guide answers questions that parents and caregivers may have about how to establish parentage or paternity of a child in New York State.

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Modifying Child Support

This guide provides information for both custodial and non-custodial parents about modifying child support.

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ABCs of Family Court

This guide describes common words and phrases used in New York State Family Court.

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