Legal Consultations

Our staff attorneys meet with parents and caregivers for one-hour virtual consultations during crucial phases of their court case.

We’re flexible, accessible, and personalized.

Consultations increase accessibility and mitigate costly burdens like taking time off from work and securing childcare. Our attorneys provide litigants with timely, in-depth legal advice and case strategy. Services range from assistance completing petitions to advice on next steps in a case to coaching on what to say to the judge.

A triple-win:

  • For unrepresented litigants: Stronger self-advocacy skills and a better understanding of family law.
  • For the Family Court system: More efficient use of time, money, and resources because when litigants are well-prepared, cases can move quickly and efficiently. 
  • For our communities: Critical legal assistance for vast numbers of people—over 25,000 per year—most of whom live in low-income communities of color with a long history of being denied equal access to justice.

Need advice and guidance on your New York Family Court case?

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