How Family Legal Care Helps

Through strategy, assessment, advice, and compassion, our team helps parents and caregivers navigate the complex Family Court system and sets them up for success in being their best self-advocates.

הסיפור שלנו

Helping New Yorkers access justice in Family court since 1996.

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התוכניות והשירותים שלנו

Call our Helpline, consult with a lawyer, and access the legal resources you need to navigate Family Court.

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ההשפעה שלנו

Providing 25,000 families each year with the legal care they need to resolve issues at the heart of their well-being.

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רפורמה והסברה במערכת

Amplifying the voices and experiences of pro se litigants to create a fairer and more equitable Family Court system for all.

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Working to make a difference today and every day, one family at a time.

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We’re lawyers, advocates, writers, fundraisers, techies, and data trackers working together to support our neighbors.

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