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Electronic Document Delivery Service (EDDS) Instructions

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How do I start my case?

To start a case in Family Court, you must submit a petition. The person who starts a case is called the petitioner. The person on the other side is called the respondent.

For most Family Courts, you can submit your petition in person, online through the Electronic Document Delivery System (EDDS) or New York State Courts Electronic Filing (NYSCEF), or by mail. If you are not sure which method you can use, contact the Family Court directly.

What is the Electronic Document Delivery System (EDDS)?

The Electronic Document Delivery System (EDDS) is a website to submit petitions, motions, and other documents related to your case. You will fill out your contact information and then upload your petition.

Go to the EDDS website here:

Please Note: All EDDS documents must be PDFs. 

What is a PDF? 
A PDF is a specific kind of document file. It is not a photo, picture, or image. It is also not a Word document. It is a specific type of file called “PDF.”


How do I turn my picture or document into a PDF?

Convert means to change one file type to another file type. For example, if you change a picture to a PDF, you convert a picture (a JPG or PNG) to a PDF.

First, you can try to save your file as a PDF. After opening the file on your computer or device, click “Save As.” Type in a “File name.” Then select “PDF” from the “Save as type:” drop-down menu. If you do not see PDF in this menu, you can also try the following:

There are also many free phone apps to convert a picture to a PDF.

Can I use EDDS on my phone?

Yes. However, you must upload your petition as a PDF. You cannot upload a photo of the petition from your phone. It is easier to upload your petition to EDDS with a computer.

If I submit my petition over EDDS, do I need to serve court papers on the respondent?

Yes. After you get a court date, you must tell the respondent by giving them the papers. This is called service. You must give the papers to the respondent before the first hearing. The Court will give you instructions for now to serve the respondent. Be sure to follow the Court’s instructions.

For more information on service, see our guide “Serving Court Papers.”

Remember: EDDS does not “serve” the other party.

When will I hear from the Court?

You will get a confirmation email from the Court automatically with a Document ID after you submit your petition. The Court will contact you again by email when they are ready to schedule a hearing.

There are other petitions already in line ahead of yours. It may take a while for the court to contact you. Check your email and spam/junk folder regularly. Tell the Court if your email or phone number changes. You should expect to wait.

Electronic Document Delivery System (EDDS) Steps

Go to the EDDS Website:

Page 1

Click Family Court

Page 2

Read the instructions then Click Next

Page 3

  1. Type your first name and last name
  2. Check “I do not have a lawyer”
  3. Type your phone number
  4. Type your email address
  5. Party You are Representing: Type your name
  6. Party Role: Type “Petitioner”
  7. Case Number: Type the CMS or Docket number. If you do not have a case number, write “N/A”
  8. Case Title: Type “Your Name vs. Respondent Name”
  9. Reasons for Sending Documents: List what petition and/or document(s) you are sending
  10. Check “FILING REQUEST: I request that the document(s) I am sending be filed by the court or County Clerk”
  11. Click Next

Page 4

Select the Family Court in the County where you are filing

Click Next

Page 5

Choose the kind of case. Note that the list below may vary depending on the court. Some courts limit the types of cases that use EDDS.

Case Type

  • Adoptions
  • Appeals
  • Child Protective Proceeding
  • Custody/Visitation and Guardianship
  • Family Offense Proceeding / Temporary Order of Protection
  • Juvenile Delinquency Proceeding
  • Objections
  • Order to Show Cause (NYC Family)
  • Support/Paternity
  • Transcripts
  • Writ of Habeas Corpus (NYC Family)

Click Next

Page 6 

Document Type: Select “Petition”*

Submit your petition by selecting Choose File 

Click Next 

*Please note: If you are filing something other than a petition, you will need to choose the right document type.

Page 7 

DOUBLE CHECK Your Information 

  1. Check your information. If you find a mistake, click “Change My Information.”
  2. Click the document to confirm it was the one you want to file
  3. Write down the Document ID
  4. Read the acknowledgments
  5. Click “I acknowledge […]”

There should be $0 filing fees.

Click Send Documents

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