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Family Legal Care Mentioned in New York Daily News Article

Cayla Bamberger’s Daily News article NYC lawmakers blast ‘dire situation’ at family courts, presents a concerning overview of  the challenging situation that New York families face when trying to address critical issues concerning family stability and security in Family Court.

By all accounts, there is simply not enough staffing (judges, lawyers and court personnel) to support the parents and caregivers who walk into Court each year. More than 80% have no legal representation. We thank the New York City Council’s Oversight and Investigations Committee for hosting a hearing on this issue on 4/24 in which Family Legal Care’s CEO, Cathy Cramer, testified. Special thanks to Committee Chairperson Councilwoman Gale Brewer and Council Members Kamilla M. Hanks and Diana Ayala.

Read our full testimony here: Family Legal Care Testimony on Operational Challenges in Family Court_4.24.23

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