Consider Giving through a Donor-Advised Fund

Family Legal Care is pleased to accept gifts through Donor-Advised Funds.

A Donor-Advised Fund, frequently referred to as a DAF, is a charitable giving vehicle administered by a public charity —such as Fidelity Charitable, Vanguard Charitable or your local Community Foundation —and created to manage donations on behalf of organizations, families, or individuals.

  • Think of a DAF as a regular investment account. After consulting with an advisor, a donor invests money in a DAF (based on their financial goals and risk profile) and is eligible for a tax deduction.
  • DAFs also accept non-cash assets, such as stocks, mutual funds, and bonds, as well as complex assets, such as private S- and C-corporation stock.
  • The donor, their advisor, and the fund manager work together to prioritize philanthropic goals and recommend grants to various nonprofits the donor cares about.
  • Over time, that investment grows and returns dividends to the investor.
  • In addition to financial benefits, donating through a DAF takes away some of the administrative burden of philanthropy and creates a giving legacy.

Some of the most widely-used DAFs include Community Foundations, Fidelity Charitable, Vanguard Charitable, Schwab Charitable, National Philanthropic Trust, and TIAA Charitable.

Please contact your financial advisor or search your chosen Donor-Advised Fund’s website to learn more.