Digital Justice Inititiatve

Effective, easy-to-use computer needed

Our Digital Justice initiative offers practical tools that address gaps in the Family Court’s online resources—enabling litigants to navigate the court system on their own, without an attorney. Every tool Family Legal Care creates can be accessed on a smartphone or tablet.

Family Law Navigator: A First Step to Address Your Family Matters

With the Family Law Navigator, parents and caregivers answer questions about their family law topic and are given a detailed, customized report with next steps they should take — including forms and petitions they need to fill out.

Guided Court Forms: User-Friendly and Accessible to All

Many of our clients access the web exclusively from their mobile device. Unfortunately, mobile devices are ineffective interfaces for downloading, filling out, and submitting PDF documents and other forms the court requires. For thousands of New Yorkers affected by the digital divide, this poses a significant technological barrier to accessing justice.

Our guided court forms allow users to answer easy-to-understand questions in plain language. Their answers are mapped onto the fields of the form, generating a completed document in the PDF format accepted by the court’s electronic portal—making completing and uploading essential court documentation possible from any web-connected device.

“Access to the internet means nothing if you are unable to find the help you are seeking…that’s why it is vital that we ensure there is equal access to tools and information online. Providing these resources is the cornerstone to critical legal empowerment, which I strongly believe in and which Family Legal Care has been practicing for over twenty-five years.”

– Ryan Gallagher, Director of Legal Technology